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What is KOI8-R?

KOI-8 stands for Код Обмена Информацией, 8 бит which means a Code for Information Exchange, 8 bit.

KOI8-R is a KOI-8 successor, a living de facto standard for Internet Mail/News, WWW, and other interactive services in Russian at least all over the ex-SU territory.

To see once is better than to hear a 100 times, look at GIF picture of KOI8-R character set or, if your browser support UTF-8 encoding, look at UTF-8 codes for KOI8-R encoding.

Also here are a Unicode style mapfile for KOI8-R, a KOI8-R description in RFC 1345 format and a KOI8-R description in ISO 9945-2 charmap format.

NOTE: KOI8-R was designed for Russian/English languages and covers only Russian Cyrillic characters, so if you are looking for Ukrainian, Byelorussian, etc. Cyrillic characters, try ISO-IR-111 Cyrillic from ECMA registry or KOI8-U - Ukrainian Character Set (as extension to KOI8-R and ISO-IR-111, see RFC 2319) or KOI8-C (for ancient Russian texts) instead, which are identical to KOI8-R in the Russian Cyrillic letters area. See also Rosetta encoding as alternative to Unicode scheme. For some historical overview of Cyrillic charsets see The Cyrillic Charset Soup site.

См. также принципы работы с кодировками / о сетевой кодировке.

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