Symbian/J2ME/Series60 (mobile phones)

ATTENTION: KOI8-R encoding is not native for Symbian/J2ME. The right solution should be conversion between KOI8-R and Unicode for all operations with KOI8-R encoded data.

I don't have much material, please contribute to this section.

FYI Symbian OS Series60 v3 already have embedded koi8r.snm in the \resourse\Charconv to handle all Unicode<->KOI8-R conversions needed by a device.

Applicable Software:

  • Browsers:
    • Red! Opera Mini 7 , J2ME, works through Opera's HTTP gateway (Norway), freeware (natively supports KOI8-R, just don't set Font size to Small or Russian letters may dissapearse)
    • Doris Browser 1.19 , shareware (can display KOI8-R sites, but can't convert user input to KOI8-R)
    • Red! Opera Mobile 12 , shareware (natively supports KOI8-R).
  • E-mail:
    • Red! Gmail application (works well with KOI8-R when Use default text encoding for outgoing messages is set in Gmail settings)
    • ProfiMail 3 , shareware (understands KOI8-R messages, but sends UTF-8 only)
  • IRC:
    • Red! WLIrc 0.96 , J2ME, freeware, opensource (supports KOI8-R input/output: enter name koi8r in the Advanced Config|Encoding)
      NOTE: Socket mode is not available for devices with MIDP < v2.0, in such cases it works through author's HTTP gateway.
    • WirelessIRC 1.22 , shareware (can display KOI8-R channels, but can't convert user input into KOI8-R)
  • Misc: