ATTENTION: KOI8-R encoding is not native for MS DOS. The right solution should be conversion between KOI8-R and CP866 for all operations with KOI8-R materials.

Keyboard & Screen Drivers:

Charset Converters:

Applicable Software:

Software Tuning:

Terminal decode tables:

Lynx tuning:
Go to 'o'ptions screen and check the following settings:
 display (C)haracter set : DosCyrillic (cp866) preferred document c(H)arset : cp866;q=1.0,koi8-r;q=0.9,windows-1251;q=0.5 
If you can't see a Russian (KOI8-R) WWW page properly with Lynx, this means that the page is broken. As a workaround, in the same options screen press '^A' and try in that order: cp866, koi8-r or windows-1251 (as most common variants).