How to set up Windows NCSA Mosaic to use KOI8-R fonts

In View|Options|Preferences|Fonts menu, open the Default font group by clicking on it and change (use the Change button) all fonts as follows:

  • Times New Roman -> ER Bukinist KOI-8
  • Courier -> ER Kurier KOI-8
  • Terminal -> ER Relcom Terminal
(note the fonts sizes). Instead of changing the Default font group, you can add a new KOI8-R font group and make it the default.

Win95 Mosaic allows changing font Script at runtime, but does not save it, so this won't work with the GDI.EXE KOI8-R patch.

You can't enter russian subject or mail body, report the bug to Mosaic Team asking them to use the Option-specified fonts for mail messages.

See also X11 Mosaic tuning.