Notes on the Cp_20866.nls resource (for programmers)

Microsoft supplies the \Windows\System\Cp_20866.nls file with some of their products such as Internet Explorer. The NLS in this file is KOI8-R, so current Microsoft CodePage number for KOI8-R apparently is 20866. IBM has officially registered KOI8-R character set as Code Page 878, but at the moment of adding KOI8-R support Microsoft was unaware about CP878 registration by IBM and uses its own code page number 20866 to represent KOI8-R encoding. There must be some connection between CodePage, UNICODE decode table number from gdi.exe, and the Locale ID but I don't know it.

I chose 00000819 as Locale ID for KOI8-R keyboard by guessing how other languages' Locale IDs are made up.

Also, in place of RC_DATA238 (Central European UNICODE translation) I had to substitute a KOI8-R UNICODE translation table because in Windows 95, any translation table is rigidly mapped to a particular keyboard switcher.

If you know the proper Locale ID and gdi.exeRC_DATA number for Cp_20866.nls or any other way to use this resource, please hint me. It seems that there is a UNICODE translation table in it, but Win95 uses gdi.exe for this purpose instead. Maybe this resource is somehow useful only under Windows NT.

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