How to set up Forte Agent for KOI8-R

Forte Agent supposed to work with standard Russian CP1251 code table, but in that mode it incorrectly shows 8bit-encoded KOI8-R Subject fields in Subjects list (KOI8-R encoding but CP1251 font), so alternate solution will be to make Agent working in raw KOI8-R mode instead (Win3.1 KOI8-R fonts or GDI.EXE KOI8-R patch and KOI8-R keyboard setup required).

Raw KOI8-R mode almost works, but depending of your keyboard switcher, you may have difficulties to switch keyboard to KOI8-R mode while staying in the Subject: field in compose new E-mail/News message windows. Just switch keyboard outside of this field and then move cursor back to it.

  1. When installing Agent press Choose Additional... button and check Russian (Cyrillic) option.
  2. In Options|General Preferences|Languages set options according to this picture:
    General Preferences|Languages
  3. In Options|Display Preferences|Fonts set options according to this picture:
    Display Preferences|Fonts
    NOTE: (Eastern Europe) font script here not means real Eastern Europe font script, but GDI.EXE KOI8-R patch instead (Russian (KOI8-R) font script). KOI8-R encoded fonts or hacked KOI8-R decode table font script name must be here.
  4. In Group|Default Properties|Language set options according to this picture:
    Default Properties for All Groups|Language
    WARNING: this setting affects not Newsgroups only but Mail processing too.