Special HTML characters in KOI8-R encoding

The control text for comparison (KOI8-R):
контрольный текст для сравнения...
(a meaningful Russian phrase must be displayed here)

HTML Special Characters
&lt;<Less then' sign
&gt;>'Greater then' sign
&copy;©Copyright sign
&nbsp; Non-breaking space
&reg;®Registered sign (not present in KOI8-R)
&shy;­Soft hyphen (not present in KOI8-R)
&trade;Trade mark sign (not present in KOI8-R)

Check how your browser displays HTML special characters (symbolic names) using KOI8-R encoding, not ISO8859-1 encoding. If you see wrong characters in this table and your font is true KOI8-R, report this bug to your browser development team.

Note: &xxxx; is a valid output, this means that the entity is not implemented in your browser (as opposed to incorrectly implemented).