How to tune Pegasus Mail Agent for KOI8-R

Pegasus Mail have some Cyrillic support, including KOI8-R support.

You don't need KOI8-R fonts with Pegasus since the program uses standard Windows CP1251 fonts with a decoding table.

First of all, go to \Pmail\Resource directory and run rescom wpm-lmtt.r as command line, then place newly created wpm-lmtt.rsc to the upper level directory (where winpm*.exe resides).

Then run Pegasus and check following settings. In the Tools|Options|Advanced tab, you need:

  • Set Default MIME character set to KOI8-R

In the Tools|Options|Sending mail tab, you need:

  • Set Allow 8-bit MIME message encoding

In the Tools|Options|Message settings tab, you need:

  • Set Use MIME features to On