How to configure MS Exchange for KOI8-R

First of all you need to install (partially) MS Plus! to get Internet Mail in the MS Exchange Properties.

  1. The first method assumes that you've installed KOI8-R fonts. You need to specify them in all relevant places in MS Exchange. MS Exchange does not allow you to change Subject: font, use Control Panel|Display instead, when possible. Don't forget to set your message charset to ISO-8859-1 or all your 8-bit characters will be stripped to US-ASCII. You also need to turn MIME off or wrong MIME charset will be specified for outgoing messages and they will be encoded to BASE64.
  2. The second method assumes that you want to decode your mail using CP2151<->KOI8-R table instead of using KOI8-R fonts. To configure MS Exchange for automatic encoding/decoding KOI8-R letters (assuming you have Windows Russian CP1251 active) you need:
    1. Place KOI8-R translation configuration into \Windows\System\koi8-r.trn
    2. Go to MS Exchange and turn MIME on in Inbox|Properties|Internet Mail|Properties|Message format (Win95 Standard Edition) or Входящие|Сервис|Службы|Internet Mail|Свойства|Формат сообщений (Win95 Russian Edition).
    3. Select KOI8-R encoding in Inbox|Properties|Internet Mail|Properties|Message format|Character set (Win95 Standard Edition) or Входящие|Сервис|Службы|Internet Mail|Свойства|Формат сообщений|Набор символов (Win95 Russian Edition).
    4. Click OK to save this configuration.
    5. Now, repeat steps (2) and (3), but now turn MIME off in step (2), or all messages will be encoded to BASE64.
    6. Click OK to save this configuration.

    Yes, you need to do this twice, first time with MIME on and second time with MIME off to make it work in all cases.

    See also the notes on the method of decoding tables.