HTTP header over META priority test

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Это текст в koi8-r. В HTTP заголовке стоит кодировка koi8-r, а в <META ...> таге - кодировка windows-1251.

Translation: it is koi8-r text. HTTP header have koi8-r charset and <META ...> tag have windows-1251 charset.

Look at the <TITLE> of this page too. The phrase there must match first phrase in the example above and be meaningful Russian text started with big letter.

See View|Page Info (Firefox) or View|Encoding (MSIE) to be shure. If there is no koi8-r name, it means that this test fails.

Quote from the Internationalization of the Hypertext Markup Language (RFC 2070):

For definiteness, the "charset" parameter received from the source of the document should be considered the most authoritative, followed in order of preference by the contents of a META element such as the above, and finally the CHARSET parameter of the anchor that was followed (if any).